Here’s how we’ll add value to your RPM program

Choose from 100's of Affordable FDA Approved Devices

4G and bluetooth options for any budget and population to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, glucose, weight, activity, and more.

Leverage Direct Cellular Device  Connectivity or Smartphones

Make it simple for consumers to participate using plug and play cellular connected devices, or their existing smartphone.

Fund Your Programs with $10k-$30k Per Month Per Provider

New CMS reimbursement codes in 2019 and 2020  are designed to help you profitably deliver RPM to more patients.

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Earn up to $200 per patient per month providing virtual care to everyone in need. 

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1. Determine Eligible Patients

According to CMS, a patient must be a Medicare beneficiary to be eligible. Note that 70% of Medicare population have at least one chronic condition. Also note that RPM is billable alongside CCM.

Total number of physicians in practice
Patients per physician (U.S. Average 2,500)
Total number of patients

% eligible (proxy is 70% >=1 chronic condition)
Total potential RPM patients

% covered by Medicare (average 22%)
Total Medicare patients

% covered by Other Payers (average 33%)
Total Other Payer patients
Number of covered RPM patients

2. Calculate Your Annual Revenue Potential

Your potential revenue is the total number of eligible patients multiplied by your reimbursement rate. This is determined by your geography and how much virtual care time per month is spent with your patients.

Number of eligible patients
% patients billed 20+ minutes (1bios customer average)
20+ minutes rate (Medicare average)
% patients billed 40+ minutes rate (1bios customer average)
40+ minutes rate (Medicare average)
% patients billed 60+ minutes rate (1bios customer average)
60+ minutes rate (Medicare average)
% patients billed devices and technology monitoring 16+ days/month
monthly reimbursement

Monthly revenue potential
Annual revenue potential

3. Calculate your Patient Enrollment Rate

Your patient enrollment rate is the percentage of eligilbe patients you enroll in your RPM program.

Annual revenue potential
Eligible patient enrollment rate
Estimated Annual Revenue

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