starting at $0/mo

(just pay as you go on a per billable patient per month basis!)

Deliver a single service like RPM or CCM

Basic Features:

  • Cloud-based portal for unlimited care team members
  • Off-the-shelf support for 150+ monitoring devices from 11 manufacturers
  • Automated billing code tracking and reports
  • Optional device ordering, shipping, and tracking system
  • Optional integrated care coaches
  • Automated telehealth time tracking and time-based billing
  • Interactive care plan module and library
  • Automated health monitoring, care team alerts and patient nudges
  • Email and text messaging
  • Real-time risk analytics, reporting dashboards, and exports


starting at $0/mo

(just pay as you go on a per billable patient per month basis!)

Deliver multiple services like RPM and CCM

Everything in Basic, and:

  • Integrated video chat / telemedicine
  • EHR or other system integration
  • Bundled monitoring device "lease" program
  • Optional end-to-end billing service
  • HIPAA secure messaging/chat
  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA) / Screening / Survey
  • Custom risk analytics configuration
  • Optional library of chronic disease care plans
  • Appointments and scheduling module
  • Optional consumer web portal (view measurements, HIPAA chat, complete care tasks, more)
  • Downloadable Apple and Android consumer app versions


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Deeply customizable solutions for resellers and large groups

Everything in Plus, and:

  • Unlimited patient groups and patient accounts 
  • Entire system can be white-labeled under your brand including care team portal, consumer app, web addresses, app store pages, logos, communications, exports
  • Reseller program membership
  • Custom data properties and configurations
  • Custom HRA / Screening / Survey configurations
  • Custom risk analytics configurations
  • Optional rewards module with automated fulfillment
  • Optional challenges module for individual or group health and wellness engagement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does 1bios offer a "turnkey" RPM and CCM solution?

Yes. For RPM we can provide a bundled software, devices, and care team offering. For CCM we can provide a bundled software and care team offering. However, we will also support you providing your own care team, and/or own devices (to be utilized with the 1bios software system).

Can 1bios help me get the health monitoring devices for my program participants?

Yes, we have a popular Managed Device Service to simplify your logistics and costs.  You may also acquire devices directly via relationships with device manufacturers. We support 11 device manufacturers -- including 3 cellular device providers -- so you are never locked in.

Does 1bios require a long-term agreement?

No. You may choose from month-to-month, 1 year, or 2-year terms. 

Do I need a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to work with 1bios?

Yes, if you are based in the United States or otherwise subject to HIPAA. The BAA is incorporated into the Agreement 1bios will provide prior to providing you access to the 1bios Services. This will protect you from accidentally putting Protected Health Information or “PHI” into the 1bios system without a BAA (or international equivalent). If you prefer we are also happy to sign your organization's BAA.

Is there an annual pricing model available for a discount?

Yes, 1bios will provide a pricing discount for longer term committments and pre-paid plans. 

Do you work with resellers?

Yes, we have many successful partnerships with partner organizations -- as well as many purpose built features to support these organizations (e.g. white-labeling for both the provider portal and the optional patient/consumer facing portal)

Is 1bios available outside of the United States?

Yes — 1bios is a cloud-based service delivered via web browsers world-wide, and is available to organizations outside of the United States.

Does 1bios offer a performance pricing option?

Yes, if you are providing billable virtual health services such as CCM or RPM, 1bios can provide services for a % of the monthly billable revenue from events tracked in the 1bios system.

Can I purchase certain 1bios features or capabilities “a la carte”?

Yes (usually). A number of  individualized "add-ons" are available. Let us know what you’d like to add to the Basic or Plus plan and we can provide you a quote. The Enterprise plan is another path towards customizing your build and pricing. 

How does the 30-day no risk trial work?

It starts on the day you begin using the 1bios system and lasts for 30 days.

How will 1bios bill me if I switch plans?

We will prorate your bill according to the day of the switch.

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