Smartphones, Fitbits, and 100’s of Affordable FDA Approved Devices

Activate powerful monitoring capabilities to support high-touch health coaching and disease management programs. Or, energize your engagement programs targeted at wellness groups of any size.


Product Features

Make it easy and affordable to stay connected to any individual or group.
1bios Connected Devices System Features Include:

Popular Consumer Devices: Fitbit, Apple, Garmin . . .

Support for 99+% of the wearables, smartwatches and smartphones used today for consumer health tracking with options for every program objective.

Affordable FDA Approved Devices

Make it easy for your population to automatically transmit data from FDA approved scales, glucometers, pulse oximeters, blood pressure cuffs and more.

Get: Activity, Sleep, Glucose, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate+

Get it all — a sample is: steps, active minutes, sleep, sleep stages, glucose, pulse ox, body temp, weight, blood pressure, resting heart rate.


Direct, First-Party Device Integrations

Get the raw source data custom processed specifically to your objectives — no programming or 3rd party aggregator limitations.

Flexible Configuration

Choose the devices and data types that best fit your program goals. 1bios default configurations, full “BYOD”, or your device/data specific design.

Custom Integrations to any Device

Go beyond the devices we support “off the shelf” — we can custom integrate to data from any modern device (note: a modern device is one that is technically capable of allowing 1bios to access the data without physically plugging in a cable to the device)

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