Flexible Tools for Health Screening and Assessment 

Offer HRA/Biometric Screening/Surveys with a couple of clicks. Use customizable 1bios templates, or start from scratch. Combine consumer entered data into the APP, data entered into PRO (including biometrics), and/or data imported from other systems like your EHR.


Product Features

User-Friendly Solutions for Any Population.
1bios HRA/Screening/Survey System Features Include:

Mobile First Consumer Experience

Make it simple for your population to quickly and securely complete a Health Risk Assessment or other survey on any digital device. Invite them via email or text. Provide an integrated screening scheduling experience or other call to action upon completion.

Built In Risk Algorithms

Integrate clinically proven risk instruments into your HRA/Screening — examples include PHQ-2, PHQ-9, Type 2 Diabetes Risk, ASCVD 10-Year, DAST-10, GAD-2, GAD-7.

Import Data from Labs/Other System

Your HRA/Screening can be 100% consumer completed online/via mobile, 100% entered into the pro portal, 100% based on imported data from labs/other systems — or any combination of those that best fits your objectives.


Customizable Risk Analysis

Most HRA/Screenings are attached to a Risk Analysis so individual and population risk can be automatically calculated and the appropriate follow on actions are delivered (automatically and/or by care professionals). Use customizable 1bios risk templates, or start from scratch.

Interactive Dashboards

See your population health status at a glance based on HRA/Screening data only (or other/all data). View current, historical, and trends. Take action for any group by clicking on the relevant chart to send a message, flag for follow-up, assign care professionals, and perform other bulk operations.

Rewards, Alerts, and More

Optionally attach HRA/screenings to rewards, alert triggers to your organization (for example high risk, and/or any individual risk factor), appointments, communications, assigned plans/tasks, and other care/workflows.

Schedule a demo

Choose 30 minutes for a virtual meeting to learn more about 1bios HRA/Screening/Survey tools.